Menajubkan!!! Sehat dan Awet Muda Dengan Talas,Begini cara nya Dan Tolong Di Sebar kan.......!!


Ie taro root vegetable that can be consumed in a variety of cultures in all the world and has a rich history, with a variety of recipes that use them.

 The leaves of the taro plant is also used as a vegetable.

 Benefits exception taro tuber easily processed and its leaves are a good source of vitamins A and C.
In Indonesia alone, many taro tubers were found in the area of ​​the peak Area, Bogor, West Java in the area of ​​loose soil cool climates. 

Taro from her appearance to look unattractive in fact provide a variety of health benefits.
Want to know what are the benefits of a typical root Bogor.
The most important benefit here taro to health.

 Energy sources

Taro tuber provide calories were growing more potatoes, Area 100 grams provide 112 calories.
Taro potato calories first come from complex carbohydrates, which was known as amylose and amylopectin.

However, the roots are so low in fat and protein than in cereals and legumes.
The level of protein they can be worth up to another food source could be a resource or a substitute staple food rice.
Good For Digestion
One of the best sources of fiber in foods, Area 100 gr taro tuber give 4 1 g or 11 percent of the purposes of dietary fiber daily.
Coinciding with fiber, complex carbohydrates would be slowly digested and fiber in them also help the gradual rise in sugar d * a * r * a * h.

For Healthy Heart

Provides key mineral for the body such as zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese. Exceptional have some good potassium also potassium, called the major components of cells, body fluids that help regulate heartbeat.

Helping pressure d * a * r * a * h

Potassium is in taro so kind to help stabilize and reduce pressure d * a * r * a * h. Especially for those of you who experienced pressure d * a * r * a * h high.

Increase the body's immune system

Many vitamin c and aktioksidan contained in taro tuber. Certainly very useful to protect the immune system in the body. 
With exhaust-free radical, so the body will awake from various kinds of diseases.

handle exhaustion

Talas has a low glycemic index, the content of this substance is so well used to dealing with fatigue.
Obtaining additional energy without giving sugar levels in the body which can give bad effects on the body.

Manfaar have to dispose of free radicals and regenerate cells make taro in fact make younger or anti-aging.
Talas state can protect the cells in the body including the skin.

But, despite all the benefits there are many things that need to be noticed before the consumption of taro.

  Because the symptoms of the disease can lead to kidney stones and gout and complications
 other health if not prepared properly, for example when boiling taro tuber that moment.
 It can be anticipated by soaking overnight before in cooking, which has the objective to reduce the amount of oxalate. ats.